Image acquired by the VENµS satellite, 2018, over the Zin Valley, Negev Desert, Israel
Research Announcement
Call for site proposals for VENµS sites over Israel
Updated 31 January 2015
Note you should also respond to the Ministry of Science call for proposals!
CNES, the French space agency, and ISA, the Israel space agency, are soliciting research proposals for the use of VENµS earth observation data. The purpose of this call is to select about 100 sites to be acquired by the VENµS mission.

Deadline for proposal submission: 25 February 2015, 15:00 Israel time zone.
VENµS unique features will be to acquire high resolution (5 and 10m), super-spectral (12 bands in the visible and NIR spectral regions) images every other day with constant view angles over about 100 sites of interest located around the world. VENµS strives at demonstrating the relevance of the combination of such high temporal observation capabilities, high spectral resolution, and high spatial resolution for science and applied researches. It also attempts to prepare the specifications of the next generation of missions dedicated to land surface monitoring.

VENµS is planned to be launched during 2016. The scientific mission is designed to last two and a half years (30 months) in order to observe two vegetation cycles in both hemispheres.

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